Be inspired by some real life cases of how Cordoba is used by our clients

The Cordoba application is used intensively by a growing number of national and international operating organisations. Each of these organisations have their own challenges, processes and user groups. The users of Cordoba include marcom managers, product managers and retailers on the one hand, and suppliers, photographers and agencies on the other. Because of Cordoba's flexible configuration possibilities we have always been able to offer the right solution to our clients.

"We look forward to tell you more about these cases, or to exchange ideas with you about yòur marketing management challenges"
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From the Cordoba clientlist we present 4 reference cases in which we explain what the chalenges were, and how Cordoba has helped them to overcome these.

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Large International Fashion Brand

How a Large International Fashion Brand distributes assets in real time to their webshop


  • Unstructured worldwide asset and campaign toolkit distribution, which frequently runs late
  • Many different internal usergroups have different audiences and applications while the asset requirements are common. Each usergroup arranges their own tools for asset management & distribution, resulting in various overlapping tools
  • Intellectual property rights are not properly tracked and therefore our customer receives claims of misuse
  • Our customer runs a central e-shop where all seasonal products are sold. Assets need to be available in the shop directly after photography, and assets may not be stored double. They want to show product details to the customers, so a zoom tool is required. The assets in the shop must be protected against illegal hot-linking by copy-cats


Cordoba solution:

  • Assets are centrally made available in the Cordoba asset order centre
  • Intellectual property rights are properly managed per asset
  • Users are able to create their own derived variants from the original asset via the custom download function
  • All packshot assets in Cordoba DAM are linked to from the e-shop so all assets are only stored in one location
  • All packshot assets in Cordoba DAM are made available in the e-shop through the Cordoba zoom tool. Customers can zoom into images up to the smallest details, even at low bandwidth connections


"It took some time to figure it out, but in the end we succeeded in defining the right taxonomy structure for the menu navigation and searching"
Simon Schimmel, Consultant software development & applications – Lukkien Contact me ›


Cordoba modules/functionality:


Asset order centre

Custom downloads

Workflow management

Zoom tool

Mitsubishi Motors

How Mitsubishi Motors provides all marketing campaign assets in Europe


  • Asset and campaign toolkit box distribution to 36 European & Middle Eastern countries is expensive and often late. Market distributors misplace their toolkit boxes and then request duplicate material, which again is expensive and time consuming
  • Individual markets create their own marcom assets next to the assets that are distributed by the head quarter, which increases overall cost
  • Best practices sharing between markets is not happening
  • Repurposing of assets is limited, local campaigns are frequently not making use of centrally provided marcom material
  • Intellectual property rights are not properly tracked and therefore Mitsubishi Motors receives claims of misuse


Cordoba solution:

  • Central asset and campaign toolkit distribution to all markets via Cordoba's asset order centre
  • Frequent information updates about campagin launches via the integrated e-mail newsletter function
  • Intellectual property rights are properly managed per asset (Lukkien provides content and application support for this)
  • Best practices section where distributors share their success stories and campaign material with other markets
  • Users are able to create their own derived variants from the original asset via the custom download function


"We are quite proud that 36 national markets in Europe and the head quarters in Japan make use of the Cordoba application for Mitsubishi Motors"
Margje Tempelaars, Liaison - Lukkien Contact me ›

Cordoba modules/functionality:

  • Cordoba DAM module
  •      DAM Best practices plugin
  •      DAM E-mail newsletter plugin


Asset order centre

Best practices sharing

Download order

Forbo Flooring

How Forbo controls print publications created in their regions


  • Forbo Flooring introduces it's new product catalogues to all regions at the same time, and is eager to make sure that it is correctly interpreted and used
  • Forbo Flooring wants to assist the regions by helping them with their production of print publications. This without cost increase or increase of workload on the small centralised MarCom team
  • Forbo Flooring manages a large amount of high quality MarCom assets that are not available for the users in a central repository.
  • Very frequently requests come in for the delivery of the assets for external advertising agencies
  • Forbo Flooring receives claimes about misuse of assets bacause intellectual property rights are not administered


Cordoba solution:

  • Regions can produce print publications such as advertisements, project sheets, flyers, folders, and & brochures themselves in the system on a 24/7 basis without the need to use a studio or to have technical DTP skills in-house.
  • Centralised asset distribution available for all regions via the DAM asset order centre
  • Intellectual property rights are managed with every asset
  • Users are able to create their own derived variants from the original asset via the custom download function

"One of the major challenges was to define together with the client which content within the print templates was allowed to be edited (or not) by users"
Simon Schimmel, Director of software development & applications - Lukkien Contact me ›


Cordoba modules/functionality:

Asset order centre

Print publication manager

WYSIWYG Print publication editor

ASICS & Onitsuka Tiger

How ASICS use Cordoba as the single source for all their product information and images


  • Thousands of products that need to be managed based on ASICS own master data
  • Images and video’s are stored double within multiple separate tools, local hard disks and network shares
  • A lot of time is lost because of manual image distribution. There is no central place for distributors to get all the product images in the right format
  • Product information is stored in several Excel files. Editing and sharing all these separate files cause long lead times and high correction costs
  • From an environmental perspective ASICS wants to gradually move away from printed catalogues towards a digital alternative
  • The new European Hybris e-commerce webshops needs very specific product images and multi language product data


Cordoba solution:

  • Product images are made centrally available in the Cordoba asset order centre and automatically tagged with product data from ASICS master data system. Distributors can download the product images in the exact format they require by using the online Cordoba Digital Asset Management system
  • In the Cordoba Product Information Module ASICS can now enrich online the product master data with products descriptions. A smart versioning and check-out/in system ensures that the most up-to-data is used in all ASICS channels
  • Product information and images are send via Cordoba’s API to the European webshops from one single source
  • With the real time online Digital Catalogue Creator the sales force and retailers can make their product selection for the customers. The catalogues are available online and in the iPad App. When required a country is still able to generate a basic print catalogue.


"Putting the product information and images into Cordoba was a piece of cake, but thinking & working the connections out together with the clients was a fun job"
Simon Schimmel, Director of software development & applications - Lukkien Contact me ›

Cordoba modules/functionality:

Digital Asset Management

Asset order centre

Catalog creator

H.J. Heinz

How an international multi brand organisation structured and integrated asset management with the worldwide web CMS.

In 2010, Heinz was looking for a solution to store and manage large quantities of image and video footage. The company wanted a user-friendly central asset management and distribution platform. To achieve this, Lukkien implemented the Heinz Imagebank within Lukkien’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. The DAM system and the Sitecore platform for Heinz are continuously being extended with new functions to support the central and local marketing organisations.


  • Large quantities of images and video footage are available in the organisation. Lots of different internal users have different target groups and applications, yet the need for assets stays the same. Because there is no central DAM system it may happen that double tools are sometimes created, which could lead to double costs.
  • Many files are reusable (inter)nationally, but since people are not always aware of the availability it may occur that double assets are sometimes unnecessarily produced.
  • Because assets are produced decentralized, it is challenging to control their quality or consistency.
  • Intellectual ownership has to be monitored very well to reduce the risk of claims for misuse of assets.
  • H.J. Heinz controls a central web content management platform, named Sitecore, through which product images need to be presented on multiple (brand) websites. These images need to be managed in one central place in order to reduce the amount of manual work that has to be done. Also it keeps the graphic material up to date and within corporate guidelines.

Solution in Cordoba:

  • Worldwide accessible web platform in which users can easily download and distribute a few or large quantities of digital files.
  • Intellectual ownership is managed with every asset.
  • Users can create derived variants from images by using the ‘custom download’ function.
  • All product imagery in Cordoba DAM is being used real time by the different websites. Therefore only one version of an asset in one place (Cordoba DAM) will be managed.
  • Integration of the Sitecore Web Content Management & Digital Marketing Systeem allows administrators to make image material directly available from the DAM in the different websites.
  • The footage always complies with the quality standard and is being updated automatically on the websites in case the source material is being adjusted in the DAM.

Solution in Sitecore:

  • Integrated asset viewer to directly select assets in Cordoba DAM and place them into Sitecore applications.
  • Direct reference to assets in Cordoba DAM. So when assets in Cordoba DAM are being updated, these are instantly updated in all Sitecore applications. Of course this process is workflow controlled.

"We are very proud that our Cordoba DAM module is being used by H.J. Heinz for the asset management of 14 national and international brands. And of course we are happy to help optimising the marketing operation."
Melle Piller, Project manager software development & applications - Lukkien Contact me ›


Heinz Imagebank basket

Heinz Imagebank preview

Heinz Imagebank menu