Cordoba Marketing Management Portal

Oils the wheels of your marketing communication processes

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Your own Cordoba menu to choose from

These modules can be implemented separately or as a combined suite aimed at optimal integration within your company (processes). Each module has its own specific purpose, yet combined they are even stronger in supporting your marketing management operations. Still, if you decide to start with individual modules, you can always add additional modules later.


Digital Asset Management

Manage all kinds of digital media and distribute these directly to various users, user groups or publications across the globe.


Product Information Management

Manage your product information up to the smallest detail directly from one source. The single source of the truth! And of course localization, multiple currencies and price differentiation is possible.


Automated Print Production Management

Produce or modify advertisements, brochures, catalogues & POS material through your internet browser without DTP skills.


Web Content Management

Manage your website content directly and without programming skills.


E-commerce Management

Set up shop to start effectively selling you products online. Of course stock control, cross- & upselling, special offers, payment solutions & order fulfillment can be part of the deal.


E-mail Marketing

Create e-mail marketing campaigns for separate target audiences online and measure the results of the campaigns using advanced analytics. Segmentation can be based on user profiles. Of course integration with CRM databases is possible.


Social Media Management

Understand what people are saying about your brand; Who’s talking about your brand? How influential are they? How do you reach them? What is the competition doing? How do your campaigns/new products perform in social media? Then act; Change and improve communication and campaigns, and start influencing the public opinion.

Manage your Marketing!

We believe in efficient, optimized processes - for our clients and for ourselves. To support your key business processes we provide sophisticated, proven software tools. And if required, we undertake the management of your tools or digital content hosted at our data centre. All this relieves you of the more burdensome tasks involved in running a smooth digital marketing communications operation.


Cordoba makes your marketing communication process more efficient, saves cost, replaces often expensive repetitive actions that increase chance of error, shortens the time to market, and increases the quality & consistency of your marketing publications.

Modular and scalable

Whatever your challenge may be, with Cordoba you always have a tailored solution. How is that possible? Cordoba is modular and scalable! For instance, when you only require a company-wide online imagebank database, you choose our Digital Asset Management module. Or do you want to extend this with a webshop or automatically make up and create advertisements from this database? Then you extend it with the E-Commerce and Automated Print Publication modules.

You will see that the possibilities are almost limitless. However, when you choose to start with a single module, you will always be able to extend later on. So whatever you choose, we implement and deliver a scaled solution tailored to your organizational needs.

The advantages are obvious

- Consistency in all marketing communications
- Much faster time-to-market
- More attention on strategy and creativity and less on
- A modular and scalable solution with keen operational costs,
  which will quickly lead to ROI

Because Cordoba is:

- Simple
- Fast
- Widely deployable
- Modular
- Scalable
- Flexible
- Professional
- Web-based
- Keenly priced
- ... and is thè solution that will help you organize and manage
  the entire range of marketing management!

Where does the name Cordoba come from?

Did you know that the very first library in Europe was founded in the city of Cordoba? As Cordoba initially started as a digital asset library, we chose this mediterrenean name for our tooling!