Automated Print Production

Produce or modify advertisements, brochures, catalogues & POS material via the internet browser without DTP skills

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Benefits of Cordoba APP

  • Cost saving on DTP because of automated processes
  • Cost saving on traffic because workflow driven activities
  • Cost saving on printing process of certified publications
  • Consistency in brand executions
  • Much faster time-to-market due to 24/7 realtime distribution
  • More financial space, more exposure
  • 'Local' adaptions of marketing material
  • Maximalization of strategy and creativity
  • Directly distribute marcom material
  • Cordoba APP is based on Adobe InDesign® technology which allows for interactive publications next to traditional print publications. For example, an interactive pageflip tool in Adobe Flash®

Take control

When you issue regular print publications, speed, flexibility and control are vital. You want to be able to create or adapt advertisements, brochures, folders or POS material yourself, at short notice. Our Cordoba Automated Print Publication (APP) module can tailor for client specific publication processes and will enable you to produce print publications whenever you want and wherever you are. Using specially prepared templates, you can largely compile your own publications in-house and send them as certified PDF's directly to the printer or publisher.

APP enables you to produce or modify (print)publications via the internet browser within previously defined fixed and variable entry fields, images and logos. For example changing contact details within an advertisement, or compiling a folder publication online. 

What you see is what you get

The APP module makes it possible to channel and manage your publication needs. It allows authorized staff to create or edit publications with the latest content. Adobe InDesign-based intelligent, restrictively-scalable templates are used. Yet users do not need any extensive DTP experience. The intuitive WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface makes it that users can start using it immediately.


Cordoba always protects your organisation’s corporate identity because the templates are set up in such a way that only the elements that are released can be modified.

Cordoba is equipped with an order and approval workflow whereby specific communications must be approved first before going into production in any way. Clear reporting is available: who created and ordered what, and when?

Certified PDF's

Instant modification

Workflow management