Digital Asset Management

Marcom assets, toolkits and workflows - all easily accessible and under your control

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Benefits of Cordoba DAM

  • Cost & time saving in storage, management & distribution of digital assets
  • No unnecessary cost by avoiding double productions
  • Never search for assets again
  • Marketing employees can focus on their main tasks because users can search for assets themselves through the 24/7 online interface
  • Never again loose any asset because of the user friendly interface
  • Assets are easy to convert to multiple file formats
  • Lower threshold for users as they can reuse assets in their local markets
  • Toolkit module provides users with instant oversight of all assets that belong to one specific group or campaign
  • Zoom in on high resolution with the integrated zoom tool, without any delay. This increases conversion!
  • Insight in and control over the cost of marketing projects through the project & workflow management module
  • Cost and time saving with realtime online reviewing and approving of high resolution digital proofs
  • Prevent development of unpopular assets with the insight in asset popularity
  • Extensive (realtime) analysis & reporting functionality to direct quality, effectiveness & cost
  • Next to storing of assets, Lukkien can advise on how to implement a system within your organization. Storing of assets is important, however users being able to find them is even more important!

When your marcom assets, departments and/or agencies are scattered widely it can be difficult to avoid duplication, wasted resources and dilution of your brand. To solve this problem, we offer our powerful and easy-to-use web-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) module that enables you to store, manage and distribute all your assets to team members and production houses around the world. They can easily search, view, download and work with your entire collection of marcom assets - anytime, anywhere. 

Structured and Centralized

For organizations with large amounts of media assets, Cordoba DAM makes it easy to centrally store files in a structured fashion, to manage them and make them available to a wide range of user groups. The application is equipped with workflow and approval chains including online proofing of high-resolution files, so that all layers within an organization can carry out their own tasks within the system. The Toolkit module makes it possible to offer assets, belonging to a logical entity, in the form of HTML pages or interactive PDF's.

Fast and controlled delivery

After approval in the workflow module the marketing assets are available on the portal immediately, so physical distribution is no longer necessary and the time-to-market is significantly shortened. Within just a few clicks your users search, find, view and download assets. If necessary, users can create realtime derived variations of these digital files through the user friendly interface.

Store, manage and distribute

The total Cordoba functionality allows you to share assets from a central ‘content container’, while collaborating during the creative process and ultimately publishing to the marketing environment. Users can find and view a variety of marketing material formats – from photos and printed matter to presentations and videos. Cordoba supports more than 300 digital file formats, including .eps, .jpg, .png, .gif, .psd, .pdf, .qxd and .tif. All types of videos, including broadcast quality, can be uploaded in Cordoba. Playing videos can occur in a variety of formats, directly from the browser. All Microsoft Office® formats and zip files are supported.


At the heart of your marketing operation

Cordoba DAM's powerful content distribution services allow for assets to be instantly made available on websites and e-commerce sites through a realtime connection. Update an asset in Cordoba DAM, and the image on your site is updated as well. This is what we call 'management of a single source of the truth'. Cordoba's zoom tool allows website visitors to zoom into the highest details of product images because it directly calls upon the high resolution assets within Cordoba DAM.

We call files 'assets' because they are extremely important for producing marketing material

Assets within Cordoba DAM can be among others InDesign® print publication files, Microsoft Office® files, images, illustrations, logo's, video clips, 3D files and POS products

Workflow and approval chains

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online proofing

Hier een screenshot laten zien van TeamWorks soft proofing

Toolkit module

Screenshot van de Philips F1 toolkit

Realtime derived variations

Hier een screenshot van de custom download functie

Cordoba zoom tool

Hier een plaatje of animatie laten zien van de zoom tool bij G-Star (of Rev'It)


And what's even better, smart technology makes sure that these details can be seen instantly even on small internet bandwidth connections on the visitor's side. The DAM module is also the central storage location for the assets used within the Automated Print Production module. This means that you can make last minute changes to your images in a publication, and still meet the deadline!


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Search & view

Workflow module

Online proofing

Toolkit module

Custom downloads

Zoom tool

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