E-Commerce Management

Set up shop to start effectively selling you products online. Of course stock control, cross- & upselling, special offers, payment solutions & order fulfilment can be part of the deal.

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Benefits of Cordoba ECM

  • Quickly set up your 24/7 online shop with standard building blocks
  • Template driven pages, so easy to maintain and expand
  • Workflow driven processes to keep full control of your online shop
  • Keep control of your content, orders & fulfillment with the user-friendly admin functionality
  • Manage cross- & upselling, special offers and discount prices
  • Product categorisation and taxonomy management
  • Localisation and market differentiation support
  • Shop-in-shop & multi-brand solutions
  • Content (images, text and price) fully managed when integrated with other Cordoba modules
  • Integration with external (ERP/logistics/payment/etc) systems via web services and API's
  • Extensive reporting possibilities

Set up shop how you want it

Would you like to sell your products 24/7 online, then pick our Cordoba E-Commerce module. Besides a complete web content manageable administration backend functionality it also comes with an order fulfillment function. The E-Commerce module also offers a variety of options for personalised offers , cross- and upselling.









By using various page templates you can offer the right presentation and content per product group or category. When your clients are ready to pay online, you can guide your visitor through the payment process in efficient client, product or brand-specific steps.

Broad integration possibilities

It is possible to link various payment processing partners to the E-Commerce module, and to support various currencies and the same applies to supplementary costs and discounts. You can also align the shop to your logistical processes. When you link the Cordoba ECM module to the PIM, DAM and E-mail marketing modules, you can totally manage and publish your online text and visual content from the ‘single source of truth’ and are fully in control of the online sales process. With just one click you can distribute to your online channels, Cordoba keeps its finger on the pulse for you.

Manage multiple shops in the E-Commerce module, each with their own settings, conditions and workflows. Like with the other Cordoba modules, the workflow manager enables you to set up the management and publication process in detail, step by step.

Measure your success

The reporting function offers you insight into the online sales and the buying behavior of your clients. You can see what the favorite search terms are, whether the search process was successful for clients and where most clients leave your website. Continuously optimizing your webshop.

Example of a page

Workflow management

Reporting management