E-Mail Marketing management

Deliver the right message, at the right time, to every individual receipient. Create, manage, publish and analyse campaigns with the speed of millions of emails per hour. Then engage in a true dialogue.

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Benefits of Cordoba EMM

  • Personalisation and segmentation of emailings, increasing acceptance of your message
  • Simply compose a custom made newsletter with the relevant content according to the preferred design
  • Easily reach a small specific target user group or a large group of potential customers
  • Send relevant and personalised mailings to specific target groups based on provided customer preferences
  • Send a number mailings in various random ways to a part of the target group to easily measure the effect of communication
  • Create your own campagne workflow, including testing facility
  • EMM offers the possibility to send SMS, conduct surveys among the customer base and integrate social media
  • EMM is 24/7 available through the web-interface. Mailings can be made and planned every moment
  • Increase the quality of your user database & your mailings by learning from the clicking behavior of receivers
  • At any given time consult real time statistics about profiles, behavior, effectiveness and delivered mailings and measure behavior
  • Easy import and export of data files
  • Low distribution cost per mailshot
  • Extensive mail distribution capacity

The right message at the right time

With the Cordoba E-mail Marketing (EMM) module you have the all in one - perfect e-mail marketing tool at your disposal. EMM enables you to deliver the right message, at the right time, digitally, to every individual customer. On top of this, EMM enables you to engage customers in a true dialogue, gathering more customer data by meta tagging and let you create, manage, analyze and publish campaigns with a speed of millions of emails per hour. No matter if you manage big and complex campaigns to large groups of consumers or engaging one-on-one malings to small business user groups.

Effective messages in an efficient way

EMM enables you to send large amounts of e-mail in a template of your choice. EMM offers you the possibility to simply stay in touch with your customer in a personalised dialogue. A big advantage is the possibility to communicate with a huge group of consumers with just one single mailing as EMM learns how to send personalised mailings through the clicking behaviour of the receipient. This creates a good balance between the convenience of mass communication en the personal touch of individual communication; an effective message is sent in an efficient way.

Learn from your audience with each campaign

Because all your messages are tracked and each click by your audiences is monitored via the analytics and reporting dashboard, you'll see how effective your campaign communication is. With every new campaign you'll be able to become more relevant in your communication, and you'll be having a better and cleaner CRM database.

Campaign designer

Analysis & reporting