Web Content Management

Facilitating and coordinating regularly changing content

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Benefits of Cordoba WCM

  • Keep your website easily up-to-date
  • Optimise your publication processes, increase time-to-market and save costs
  • Clear information architecture, which creates flexibility
  • User friendly interface, no programming knowledge needed
  • Less dependent on web builders or the ICT department
  • Collaborate while editing, which means faster en more often updating
  • Extensive country and language management
  • Workflow management, makes sure that output is checked constantly
  • Remote login, keep your website up-to-date 24/7
  • Consistent online exposure of your corporate identity with predefined page templates
  • Website is very well optimised for search engines

Simple yet powerful

Today's websites have more and more content, content that's continually changing or expanding. Many different forms are available today: video, animation, images, user-generated content… To enable non-technical people to contribute content, and for owners to edit it and manage users, we offer the Cordoba Web Content Management module. It requires little or no specialist knowledge to operate and content can be added, removed, edited or archived as required. It ensures your websites are optimized for search engines even within Flash.

These days, the success of many organisations depends largely on their online marketing and presence. It is vitally important that you can be found by the target group as a brand and that the content is adjusted to the needs of the target group.

It is important to be able to respond fast to changing expectations and to be able to deliver more customised information online. This applies to your website, but also to your e-mail marketing, newsletters, RSS feeds, intranet and extranet. All these channels need to be optimally coordinated and easy to manage. It doesn’t matter whether you are communicating with end users, colleagues, partners, suppliers or clients. Cordoba WCM is fully equipped to manage all of this.

With the Cordoba WCM module, you can manage your online information yourself in a user-friendly manner. You don’t have to be a programmer to manage your own content, because the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface shows you exactly what the page will look like!

If you prefer to leave the management of the websites to others in your organisation or network but still want to retain control over the publication process, the workflow manager is also available in this module. You can specify who has the right to produce content, who can check it and publish it.

Think global, act local

If you have an online presence in several countries and languages, the translation module will take a lot of the work off your hands. In one overview you can see the status of the translations and which pages are available for which countries/languages. While you are busy managing the master website, your sales office can work on the translations without getting in each others’ way.

Wysiwyg interface

Workflow management

Translation manager