Hosting Facilities

Enjoy peace of mind - with your data safe from loss, damage or external threats

Our in-house hosting facilities offer secure hosting according to global standards. Our redundant data centres are fully equipped with back-up power supplies, gas-based fire suppression, secure entry controls, fully redundant subsystems and state-of-the-art connections to the internet backbone. Here we host Cordoba's applications, its underlaying databases and file systems- all with rapid response times you can count on.

Different flavours

Cordoba is available as a dedicated hosting solution and as a hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) solution in Lukkien’s state-of-the-art data centres. The majority of our clients use the SaaS solution because of its considerable ease of use combined with low monthly operational costs.

Secured environment

Lukkien's data centres already host systems for a large number of major international organisations. Our data centre has been awarded an A rating by Philips Internal Audit and KPMG after a security audit.

Stable infrastructure

Because Cordoba is purchased as a service, you don’t need to worry about the various issues arising with hosting such large and technically complex solutions. The robust internal data centres and Lukkien’s specialised professionals ensure that you only need to be concerned with your core processes, your marketing activities and communications. Lukkien takes care of the rest!

Agreements you can count on

Because we are committed to offer solid Cordoba applications to our clients we always sign service level agreements in which we define the availability of the application and the support we provide.Upon request by our clients we may even make special agreements for remote backups or storage of data. Even Escrow agreements are no problem for us.

Hosting services for Cordoba include:

- Shared or dedicated hosting
- Colocating
- System monitoring
- Backup services
- SLA reporting
- Hardware and system software maintenance
- 24*7 system services